Saturday, December 31, 2011

Libertarian Story Problems

 A certain man was was throwing stones from his ground onto public grounds, when a pious man said to him, "Fool why do you remove stones from ground which is not yours and throw it onto ground which is yours?"  The man laughed at him. After a time, the man had to sell his field, and when he was walking on the public ground he stumbled over those stones. He then said, "How well that pious man put it. "Why do you throw stones from ground which is not yours to ground which is yours?"
-Babylonian Talmud , Bava Kamma 50b

Some people were sitting in a ship, when one of them took a drill and began to bore a hole under his seat.
The other passengers protested to him, "What are you doing?"
He said "what has this to do with you? Am I not boring a hole under my own seat?"
-Leviticus Rabbah 4:6