Friday, May 31, 2013

when all the numbers swim together
and all the shadows settle
when doors forced open shut again
a flytrap and a petal

my eyes burn and claws rush to fill them
and in the morning after the night
i fall in love with the light
it is so clear i realize
that here at last i have my eyes

when all the figures sound retreat
the soft skin starts to shrivel
when dreams made real become less sweet
the orchid and the metal

my sex turns and claws rush to spill them
but in the morning after the night
i fall in love with the light
it is so pure i can't arise
without the fear of secret lies

when all the characters full size
and every moon is level
when all the spirits burn in lies
as center grief by steel

my eyes burn and claws rush to fill them
but in the morning after the night
i fall in love with the light
it is so clear i realize
and now at last i have my eyes


Clumping Action: Pisswick Crunch

"Dancing is alien to heavy metal for two basic reasons. One is the continuation of the tradition of the youth counterculture. The audience for psychedelic music and for folk-inspired political protest songs listened while seated, to better concentrate on the lyrics. Second, dance music is understood in the modern West as an erotic activity. As a masculinist and overwhelmingly masculine grouping with an extreme heterosexualist ideology, the heavy metal subculture stresses male bonding, not male-female pairing...Yet heavy metal music is based on a strong regular beat that calls for the movement of the body...The solution to the problem of body movement was to create a code of gestural response to the music that could be shared in common. One of the two primary gestures is the arm thrust, usually a sign of appreciation but also used to keep time with the rhythm. The other primary gesture, called headbanging, involves a downward thrust of the head with a gentler upthrust...A distinctive demeanor and expression are also nurtured in the metal subculture. The familiar insult that  metal fans are "slack-jawed", evincing a look of dull stupidity, needs to be examined. In part it is an accurate characterization of the faces of those emerging from a heavy metal concert, but it could also describe someone who has just spent several hours enjoying ecstatic physical activity. The look also reflects the impact of the downers and beer consumed by metal fans.

...Ingestion of massive quantities of beer has remained a constant feature of the metal subculture. Beer induced urination has influenced at least one venue in the U.S. to spread large amounts of kitty litter in the area near the stage."
-Deena Weinstein

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"We Drink Small Sour Drinks"


Elevator Ethnography

More senior men seemed to direct themselves towards the back of the elevator cabins. In front of them were younger men, and in front of them were women off all ages. Men watched the monitors, looked in the side mirrors (in one building) to see themselves, and in the door mirrors (of the other building) to also watch others. Women would watch the monitors and avoid eye contact with the other passengers
(unless in conversation) and the mirrors. It was only when women traveled with other women [that they'd utilize the mirror].      -Rebekah Rousi

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The commentators list the ten miracles as follows:

1. The Sea split.
2. Tunnels were formed in the Sea.
3. The seabed was dry allowing the Jews to pass through comfortably and unimpeded.
4. The seabed turned into a muddy morass, stopping the Egyptians in their pursuit.
5. The waters solidified into a rock like substance that caused injury to the Egyptians.
6. The seawaters formed into perfectly shaped bricks.
7. The walls formed by the waters created twelve separate corridors,
     thus allowing each of the twelve tribes an independent passage.
8.  The walls were transparent, allowing each tribe to see the others passing through the Sea.
9.  The sweet water in the Sea remained in liquid form to quench the Jews thirst.
10.The remaining sweet water froze in place, ready for when the Jews would need to drink again.

-Pirkei Avot 5/5