Friday, February 25, 2011

Roger Millerisms

We were crossing the country on a bus and passed the arch in St. Louis.
Roger looked out and said, "There's the tomb of the unknown hamburger."

Buford Pusser said, "Roger, you know I've got seventeen holes in me."
And Roger said, "Well, lay down and open your mouth and we'll play a round of golf."

They asked him one time in an interview about the new Civil Rights Bill.
He said, "I think they ought to pay the damned thing."

He used to tell the story about where he was so poor they couldn't afford any clothes,
so his Daddy bought him a ball cap and sat him in the window
to look out the window so people would think he had clothes.

"Here's a song I wrote while I was singing that one."

-from Ain't Got No Cigarettes, Lyle E. Style, ed.