Monday, February 14, 2011

The Peter Criss Alliance

  1984 Demo of a Never Released Song (Lyrics by Tony Crow)

    On Feb 13, 2011, at 12:14 PM, D.C. Berman wrote:
              Tony, These are hot lyrix. Am i hearing them right?:
          "We could make love history/ We could have sex instantly"

           On Feb 13 2011, at 6:18 PM, Tony Crow wrote:

           I wish, David...think it's

            "Still remains a mystery/ who could have sent this to me"

(July 30, 1984) --

 ..."I got tired of the make-up and the pressure, and in KISS there was always the frustration of not being able to do more of my own material," he said. "Now I'm out front singing and dancing and I can be more creative. I want to give the public something different; I don't want to be behind a drum kit anymore."
     Based out of Nashville, the Peter Criss Alliance need to play some small clubs in smaller markets, "to get the kinks out." Michigan has a good reputation as a testing ground. In the past two years, The Pines has offered audiences popular club headliners (like Oz, and Salem Witchcraft), and mini-concerts by semi-famous groups (such as Head East, Streets, and Black Oak Arkansas). Locals and tourists from Chicago, Detroit, and other cities, gives the club a unique blend of musical tastes.
     Backed by Pendridge on lead guitar, Mike Hutchins on guitar, Tony Crow on keyboards, Alan Woody on bass, and John Moss on drums, Criss revealed himself as an energetic front man with a gritty, throat-searing voice. And when he wasn't pulling watchers out of their seats with his vocals, he retreated into a maze of percussion instruments that added yet another dimension to the band’s diverse facets.
     The Peter Criss Alliance was tight, right, and together on this night. With a record deal in the works and an album about written, it looks like Criss is again making his presence felt on the music scene.

"We'd love to be the band that breaks things wide open for Nashville rook and roll," he said.