Sunday, October 14, 2012

Catharine G. Evans

If dying after a billion years doesn't sound sad to you, it's because you lack
a thousand-year-old brain that can make trillion-year plans.

Fun fact: by listening to music you have past associations with, you're overwriting your past selves and killing them forever.

One wish can achieve as much as you want. What the genie is really offering
is three rounds of feedback.

It's easier to seem obstinate in writing, because your words are still there
even after the reader expresses clear and repeated disapproval.

If you get out of bed early enough you can witness the Big Bang.

When the wise man points through the moon, the fool looks at the moon.

"They laughed at me! They called me mad! But we'll see who's calling people now!" -A.G. Bell

"They called me dad! But we'll see who's dad now!" -mad grandfather

When I hear the words "military robotics", my gun reaches for me.

These boots are made for stamping on a human face, and that's just
what they'll do- forever.

I believe it's called evidence because it's what we were put on earth to evade.

Every human is a unique mixture of Apeshit, Batshit, and Chickenshit.

Live dogmatic, die wrong, leave a discredited corpse.

I'd like to teach the world whether to sing.