Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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World News Briefs -- Friday, September 3, 2010 (Evening Edition)


Mid-East talks doomed, says Iranian leader Ahmadinejad.
Ahmadinejad tells Iran protesters: Israel too weak to attack our nuclear facilities.
Gaza militants vow new Israel attacks after peace talks.
UPS cargo plane crashes near Dubai airport.
After Iraq war, uncertainty and seemingly mixed messages.
Crowds attack home of Iranian opposition leader.


Quake rocks South Island, Christchurch in chaos.
Chinese warships end first Burma visit.
North Korea's Kim Jong-il may go public with dynastic rule.
Taliban facing 'financial crisis', general claims.
Gates says Pakistan havens still threaten Afghanistan.
Pakistan: Quetta rally bomb kills more than 20.
Japan says too early to resume Korea nuclear talks.
Philippine President takes responsibility for hostage operation.


Uganda ready to send 10,000 troops to Somalia: army.
Sudan north-south border 'dangerously militarised': ICG.
Bob Geldof to front African private equity fund.
Dozens dead in army offensive: Darfur rebels.
Militant al-Shabab fighters bear down on Somali capital Mogadishu.
Mainstream US media criticized for ignoring positive developments in Africa.
Egypt TV show stirs debate over Muslim Brotherhood.
Mozambique calm after 2 days of deadly food riots.


Eight die as wildfires consume Russian villages.
EU austerity polices risk civil war in Greece, warns top German economist Dr Sinn.
'Islamization' of Paris a warning to the West.
Liam Fox rejects sharing aircraft carriers with France.
German banker's anti-immigration book riles the nation.


New York poll finds wariness for Muslim site.
Fidel Castro dons trademark military cap and clothing.
Earl skirts across Outer Banks, flooding coastal areas.
Gangs vs. Chicago police: an open feud over blame for street violence.
In speech, Calderon acknowledges "central threat" of drug cartels to Mexico.
Mexico: Soldiers kill 25 in troubled border state.
Ecuador and Honduras in row over migrant massacre.


Pakistan Taliban threaten attacks on US and Europe.
Uzbek terror commander serving as Taliban shadow governor killed by US special forces.
Suicide car bomber wounds 25 police in Tajikistan. Attack in Tajikistan highlights fears of militancy.
Libya frees ex-Gitmo detainee.
Al-Qaeda and counter-terrorism (a book review).


Obama planning new package of economic aid.
Blaze shakes oil industry: Accident intensifies debate on drilling in the Gulf; All aboard are rescued.
BP oil spill costs hit $8 billion as ends rig probe.
HSBC threatens to move headquarters away from London.
Brazil oil firm Petrobras plans $65 billion stock sale.