Wednesday, August 22, 2018

myxt lynx

der wetterfleck
digital self-harm
aesthetic strategies
eine zeugenaussage
catastrophic diarrhea
orangutan menopause
radical microsociology
ci-poems of li qingzhao
conversational terrorism
rabbi with the lazer eyes
the martha mitchell effect
the animatronic mckinleys
cookbooks as haunted texts
bad service theme restaurant
kansas city skywalk collapse
manufactured normalcy field
schadenfreude in young children
female country music 1980-1989
abraham lincoln's marfanoid mother
guest satisfaction at dick's last resort
the peacefulness of chinese teenagers
human face semi-smashed into place?
romeo and juliet as sexual propaganda
one cannot disguise one's delaware ways
rise of seventeenth-century cobbler-pundit
teasing in hierarchical and Intimate relations
discourse types in Nigerian stand-up comedy
consuming hot peppers after anal fissure surgery
syllabus for william gaddis's literature of failure course
italian clinic clowns and the self-to-clown persona shift
was hoping this concept would have a more general application
Long-run Effects of Lottery Wealth on Psychological Well-being
the processing of humour by individuals suffering from schizophrenia
why does the minimum wage have no discernible effect on employment?
gleaning interview content from analyzing counter-transference reactions of the interviewer
contemporary music production and consumption as quintessential deregulatory neoliberalism
calculated overcommunication

"the hot july moon saw everything"

Something Something Something

"Hitler found himself imperiled only once, when Bavarian Interior Minister Schweyer raised the question of having the troublesome alien agitator deported to Austria. A conference in 1922 among the leaders of all the government parties had agreed that the rowdy bands in the streets of Munich, the brawls, and constant molesting of the citizenry, were becoming intolerable. But Erhard Auer, the leader of the Social Democrats, opposed deportation on the grounds that it wold be a violation of "democratic and libertarian principles." So Hitler was allowed to go on denouncing the republic as a "sanctuary for foreign swindlers," threatening the administration that when he came to power "may God have mercy on you!" and proclaiming that there would be "only one punishment: the rope" for the treasonous leaders of the Social Democratic Party."
-Joachim Fest

September 2002

Anderson and Dillon didn't know each other very well prior to penning this song, so they started off their session by having breakfast together, and talking about their lives. Anderson admitted to The Boot that he was envious of Dillon.

"He had, kind of, what appeared to be, a carefree life, and I had had more of an uptight life," he explained." Before we even started writing the song, I said the opening line to him. I said, 'You know, I kind of envy you in a way. I wish I had gone out in the rain without an umbrella over my head a bunch of times,' and that's the opening line to the song: 'I'd spend a lot more time out in the pouring rain without an umbrella covering my head.' 

November 2002

Sunbelt Disco: Peanuts and Diamonds

Antique Units of Measurement

I've seen men look at her before

And they think I don't see
I'd like to think it makes me proud
But I'm only fooling me

I know she'll be looking back
The minute I'm not there
While she pours herself on some stranger
I pour myself a drink somewhere

She's acting single, I'm drinking doubles
I hide my pain, I drown my troubles
My heart is breaking like the tiny bubbles
She's acting single, I'm drinking doubles

I know what she plans to do
But I don't know where or when
If I ask who that stranger was
She'll just say an old friend

I'm not weak, I tell myself
I stay because I'm strong
The truth is, I'm not man enough
To stop her from doing me wrong

She's acting single, I'm drinking doubles
I hide my pain, I drown my troubles
My heart is breaking like the tiny bubbles
She's acting single, I'm drinking doubles

She's acting single, I'm drinking doubles
I hide my pain

I Got to Play My Own Valerie Solanas

Valerie Solanas, who took no prisoners, took pleasure in the injurious effects of language and, with Lacanian precision, understood that words are bodies that can be hurled at the other, they can land in the psyche or explode in the soma. A hurtful utterance can give you hives, make you want to throw up, put a dent in your appetite, or summon up any number of somatic responses and physical collapses." — Avital Ronell

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Christian theologians after the Middle Ages need to be credited for having started to sense the intolerability of their own resentment constructions. Subsequently, they felt compelled to weaken the excesses of their theology of rage. This was reflected in the invention of purgatory. It is probably not overdrawn to characterize the new theology of purgatory, which rapidly expanded from the eleventh century on, as the real Christian thought that created history.

- Peter Sloterdijk, Rage and Time

Capricorn Suit

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Harsh Skull

     While on a journey, Chuang Tzu found a skull, dry and parched. With sorrow he questioned and lamented the end to all things. When he finished speaking he dragged the skull over, and using it as a pillow, lay down to sleep.
     In the night the skull came to his dreams and said "You are a fool to rejoice in the entanglements of life."
     Chuang Tzu couldn't believe this and asked "If I could return you to your life, you would want that wouldn't you?"
     Stunned by Chuang Tzu's foolishness the skull replied, "How do you know that it is bad to be dead?"